MEG 7 SOE Planning Weekend

July 16, 2012

On Friday 13 July, the MEG 7 class travelled to Hinterzarten, one of the most picturesque areas in the Black Forest, to present the conceptual framework for their Student Organised Event (SOE), which will become the 2013 Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance.  The presentation took place at the Mathisle Mühle, an 18th century Black Forest hut owned by the faculty.  The hut is located in a beautiful but isolated part of the forest near a small serene lake.

After settling into the hut, the MEG 7 class presented their SOE concept to a critical jury of faculty members, whose job it was to assess the feasibility of the concept.  The critical jury contained, amongst others, representatives from previous MEG generations who were able to share thoughts and insights from their own different SOE experiences. 

For their SOE, the MEG 7 class plans to critically explore Freiburg’s “Green City” image, and to analyse various environmental conflicts within the city.  Taking an innovative approach, the class hopes to provide a public platform through which residents of Freiburg can voice their concerns about the city’s environment.  This platform will take the form of an interactive mural, which will be positioned in different locations throughout the city at different times. Local residents and visitors will be invited to participate in several guided mural sessions, where they will be asked to express their personal perspectives on Freiburg’s “Green City” image and other environmental issues, through painting, drawing, or writing on the mural. 

A complementary activity will be the creation of an interactive blog linking Freiburg with the international community, allowing discussion of diverse problems, and to encourage creative initiatives/solutions.  The MEG 7 class plans to base their SOE upon the participation of different stakeholders in the hope that this will inspire constructive dialogue between them and hopefully positive change.   

The weekend at the hut did not only provide the opportunity for the MEG 7 class to reflect further on their SOE, but also to admire the international cooking skills of their classmates, who prepared a Bolivian-Thai fusion dinner and Canadian-style pancakes with fresh blueberries for breakfast, all washed down with good old German beer of course.



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