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Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance - Film Event!

35 Students from 21 countries highlight issues of water conflict with an Expose of short films. With speakers from around the world and an exciting mix of film styles being exhibited for the first time, the event promises to be a highlight in the environmental calendar of Freiburg´s international student body.

This year the Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance will highlight themes related to water conflicts and water justice through six films produced by the MEG9 generation and  trigger the discussion with expert speakers. The films contain different perspectives on the role of water as a cause of conflict and injustice, the political and economic drivers of water scarcity, the responsibility of individual water consumption, and the technical, social, political and civic initiatives that have been developed by various sectors to prevent conflicts and injustice.

At the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, Tennenbacherstr. 4, 79104 Freiburg.

On 21st February. Doors open for welcome drinks at 17:00, 18:00 speakers, 19:00 Film screenings.


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MEG 8 Graduation Video

MEG10 Teambuilding Weekend

by Mariya Ukhanova, MEG10 (Uzbekistan) 

The picturesque Black Forest was filled with Christmas spirit, the winter air transforming words into little clouds of vapor. Inside, the 10th generation of MEG students was engaged in the traditional teambuilding weekend – discussions, interactive exercises, short presentations, and informal lectures to enliven the otherwise silent mountains. The weekend is also intended to help to group become a team in planning their common project – the student-organized event. This is essential for 37 students to work together towards one goal. Here are some thoughts about the weekend:

“This weekend gave me a nice opportunity to talk with my classmates and get to know them better. It reminded me of the importance of communicating diverse perspectives.” Maya Takimoto (Japan)

“I like that we got the opportunity to meet in an informal context. We had space to interact as a group, uninterrupted.” Melchior Elsler (Germany)

“It was a productive weekend which opened an arena for communication. It was also very useful for understanding how the group works and how roles are distributed.” Charlene Märek (USA) 

“We learnt important lessons about giving feedback: The choice of words really matters and emotions should be detached. We also discovered our different strengths, as well as the need to be mutually supportive." Millicent Omala (Kenya)

"In these two short days, we combined new knowledge, insights, emotions, and inspiration with a visit to a Weihnachtsmarkt [Christmas market], nature walks, and lots of fun together!" Iryna Novak (Belarus)




New Publication: Stats & Stories

by Philipp Gassner (MEG8)

Stats & Stories - Storytelling for Biodiversity 

With special thanks to

Mr. Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, Executive Secretary, UN Convention on Biological Diversity CBD

Atty. Roberto V. Oliva, Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity

Dr. Berthold Seibert, Project Manager, GIZ Biodiversity and Climate Change Project

for their forewords & messages



Newsletter 2014 is Out

The one and only MEG Newsletter 2014 is out!

It's an exciting and diverse issue that takes you from Buffalo NY to Baku. As ever, a big thank you to everyone who contributed!


Applications for 2015: Open in January

The application period for 2015 will open in January until May 15.



10th Generation Anniversary: Public Lecture Series

Sustainability – Power and Change

If we want to foster change and understand the stability of the current (non-sustainable) system, we have to deal with questions of power. 

Your are all warmly invited to join us for these insightful talks and exciting discussions. 

Organizer: PD Dr. Lena Partzsch - lena.partzsch (at) ifp.uni-freiburg.de


15 Oct. 2014

11:15 am

Global Environmental Politics – Blockades and Dynamics

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Udo E. Simonis, Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB)

Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Room 100

28 Oct. 2014

4:15 pm

The Effective Politics of Environmental Research

Eva Lövbrand, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Linköping University

Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Room 100

11 Nov. 2014

11:15 am

Hydrology as Ideology: Water, Power and Environmental History in South Asia

Dr. Rohan D‘Souza, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Room 200

19 Nov. 2014

10:15 am

Mind the Gender Gap: Feminist Political Ecology Approaches to Resilience Thinking

Dr. Betsy Beymer-Farris, Assistant Professor of Sustainability Science, Furman University

Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Room 200

21 Nov. 2014

10:15 am

Renewable Energy – Geopolitical Perspectives

Prof. Dr. Markus Lederer, University of Münster

Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Room 200

26 Nov. 2014

10:15 am

From Radical Ecology (Back) to Developmentalism: An Analysis of Sustainable Development Discourse

Aysem Mert, Ph.D., Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research

Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Room 200

28 Nov. 2014

10:15 am

Power and Empowerment in Sustainability Transitions

Dr. Flor Avelino, Dutch Research Institute for Transitions

Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Room 200

8 Dec. 2014

3:15 pm

Climate Change and the Power of Policy Learning

Prof. Dr. Dave Huitema, VU University Amsterdam

Hermann-Herder-Str. 5, Lecture Hall HH 5

10 Dec. 2014

3:15 pm

The Politics of Knowledge and Global Biodiversity

Dr. Alice B.M. Vadrot, ICCR-Foundation

Hermann-Herder-Str. 5, Lecture Hall HH 5

Download the program in PDF or JPEG



Welcome MEG 10!

We extend a warm welcome to the 10th generation of MEG students!  

They are 36 students from 22 countries, from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. We wish them all much success! 

To learn more about the new students, please click here.


mAppetizing? Your compass to sustainable living in Freiburg!


Have you ever been new to a city, and just didn’t know where and how to shop and eat the way you want? Who knows the closest market? When is it open? Where can I pick nice apples or get organic flour, fair chocolate and regional lettuce? And how do I get there by bike? We have been there. And even though the green city Freiburg makes it rather easy for you to eat and shop right, you just have to know about the options.

All that knowledge out there is now bundled and readily available in your pocket with our Smart Phone app „mAppetizing Freiburg". We provide an one-stop resource – a ‘food pocket knife’ – for your eating experience in Freiburg – with truly low costs.

Free download for iOS and Android is available atwww.mAppetizing.de

Editor's note: the mAppetizing app was created as part of the Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance 2014, the latest edition of the MEG program's student organized event series. It's been getting some fantastic press coverage, check it out here!


MEG9 heads to Geneva!

by Alessandra Große, MEG9

Early one February morning, the students of the MEG9 generation met exited and full of expectations for their three-day trip to Geneva. By afternoon, we were at the International Environment House listening to speakers who shared with us valuable personal and professional insights from their work at the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The following day, we took part in a workshop on the MDGs and the post-2015 sustainable development agenda at the Palais des Nations, which featured speakers from various UN agencies, the World Trade Organisation and the International Labour Organisation. During our free time, we enjoyed the sights (including the famous “Jet d’Eau”), as well as the city’s international atmosphere with spicy Indian and delicious Ethiopian food. 

On the third and last day of our excursion, we headed to Gland to visit the IUCN and WWF headquarters, where a former MEG student had kindly organized the speakers of the day. With these three intensive days, we ended our first semester as MEGgies and spread across the globe, from the Swiss glaciers to the Ecuadorian rainforest, to enjoy the semester break. 

On behalf of the MEG9 generation, I kindly thank Michael Pregernig and Bleta Arifi for organizing and accompanying us during the excursion. We really appreciated this unique networking opportunity and had lots of fun, too!

MEG in Indonesia

By Peter Achuu (MEG8)

I bring to you news from the eight days we spent participating in the annual DAAD students sponsored workshop, which was organised by the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and the Istitut Pertanian Bogor of Indonesia, together with a consortium of non-government organizations.

Our exciting experience started as soon as we landed at Jakarta International Airport with the sudden change in temperature: it felt like getting out of a fridge and into a fireplace, nearly everyone including our Indonesian friends were sweating. The workshop combined fieldwork and a hands-on course, including the usual PowerPoint presentations.

We spent 3 nights at Bogor and visited the famous Borog botanical gardens and the headquarters of the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). The nightlife was lots of fun, especially visiting the tropical pubs and enjoying Indonesian delicacies. On the fourth day, we went to Jakarta and stopped at Mount Gede Pangrango National Park - it was an awesome experience to be in a rainforest! Once in the capital, our mornings mostly involved working on presentation papers, while the afternoons and evenings were spent viewing the city's many sights.

Overall, we were also able to make new friends and network with other students, professors, researchers and professionals from around the world. I hope that MEG students will continue to attend such enriching events!


Panel Discussion February 22nd. It’s about the costs, but without cost to you…

Dear Food Lovers,

Food - you need it to survive and are in contact with it every day... You probably know the price of a kilo of spaghetti, or a loaf of bread. But how often do you think about all the (hidden) costs involved?

We, the MSc Environmental Governance (University of Freiburg), proudly invite you to our panel discussion on Saturday 22 February 2014. 

The discussion is the final event of the 2014 Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance. “The Cost of Food – Beyond the Price Tag”.

What will we be talking about?  

“Radical change is needed to create a fair and affordable future food system for all. What role can you play, what steps can we take?” Join us for a lively exchange, featuring speakers from the United Nations, Syngenta, KfW Development Bank and many more, before mingling and enjoying the local wine (speaker profiles: http://wp.me/P3F2ju-3M).

What else can you experience?

We will stage an exhibition for you to learn about our Mensa Event and Food Infographic workshop, and to launch the Freiburg Urban Agriculture guide and our Smartphone App. Later, turn food into energy -and music- on the Beatbike.


18:30 – 19:00 Open doors of the exhibit

19:00 – 19:25h Welcome

19:25 – 21:35h Panel Discussion (including Questions & Answers)

21:35 – 23:00h Informal networking, refreshments & Exhibit


Paulussaal Veranstaltungshaus

Dreisamstr. 3, 79098, Freiburg

Map, Directions with Deutsche Bahn

Note: There will be no parking available at the venue


Also check out our

Weekly updated video testimonials - about the future of food: http://wp.me/P3F2ju-g

Mensa EventBeyond your meal – where does your food come from?”, from 27 January, in Mensa I (Rempartstr. 18, Freiburg), Mensa II (Stefan-Meier-Str. 28, Freiburg). We traced the whole production chain of two popular Mensa dishes.


Looking forward to seeing you,

Students of the 2012 Master of Environmental Governance class (MEG8), University of Freiburg: Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

More info, videos and resources: www.costoffood.org




MEG Newsletter 2/2013

The second (and final) MEG Newsletter of 2013 is out!




It's a great issue with an in depth look at the MEG internships, and lots of news, reflections and photos -- be sure to have a look.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed!


Wishing you all a festive holiday season.





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